Reptiles and Amphibians

Here are some interesting pictures of lizards seen by the fishing lake.

This slow worm was spotted in the Park by Ed Courtney the Park Warden on a warm day at the beginning of May.

Slow worm

Slow worm

The Park is being managed to encourage all sorts of wildlife, one important species being newts. These creatures can also be found in your garden ponds and froglife is currently trying to find out more about where there reptiles are living. There are three types of native species of newt here in the UK, you can find an identification chart here and take part in the Big Newt Count.

During autumn 2012 volunteers collected grass from recently cut meadows and piled it in containers that they had previously constructed from pallets to create habitats for reptiles. They were rewarded the very next week when two of them spotted a grass snake sunning itself on one of the paths that they had cleared, photos can be seen in our Facebook gallery.

For more information about Reptiles and Amphibians vistit KRAG.