Milton Creek Country Park
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Photo Credit © Lynda Marshall - Mural on storage container

The Milton Creek Country Park Trust is about to embark on its most ambitious project to date. We want to build a new community hub in the Park. Having the use of ROOM has made us realize how valuable having a warm dry space is. ROOM has been well used and much appreciated but has proved to be far too small for our requirements. Our plan is to acquire 2 high dome 40ft shipping containers and get them converted to provide a much larger space that can be used by all the community for activities, classes and workshops etc.

To achieve this dream we will need a very considerable sum of money. We have received (Apr 23) a grant of £24,345 from the Post Code Lottery fund, which together with other grants and the income from the various events that the Friends have run, we have so far secured £79,500. Once we have approval from building regulations we will be able to place the order for the containers and get this project started. We estimate we will need another £30,000 to complete the project so we are now appealing to all our lovely Park users, their friends and families to help us with fundraising. You can donate with PayPal or start a fundraiser.  If anyone has any ideas about events, sponsored activities and challenges please do get in touch at

Here is the plan of what we want to deliver. The new storage container in the ar park will be relocated to the back of Space our planned new community hub.