Milton Creek Country Park
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Photo Credit © Kris Staples

Milton Creek Country Park is Sittingbourne’s newest green space, it is a jewel, a tranquil oasis for wildlife, hidden from the world by a screen of industrial and residential development that hems it on three sides. The park is open at its northern end to Milton Creek, a shallow tidal inlet running north-east from Sittingbourne to join the Swale at Elmley Reach. The 128 acres of former landfill site now offers a large natural play area, a community events space, as well as an extensive network of paths through areas of different meadow, scrub and aquatic habitats that are home to many hundreds of animal species, some such as the Nightingale and the Shrill Carder Bee, are very rare and of national or international importance.

The car park is now open and can be accessed from the road leading to the Gregg’s drive thru in Saffron way ME10 2EX  opposite Tool Station. Please note there is a 6ft 6in height barrier.

The car park is FREE and the gates are operated automatically, they are open from 7am till 7pm from 1st April till 30th September and 7am till 4pm from 1st October till 31st March. The other entrances to the park are completely accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and visitors with standard-width buggies, although wheelchair and mobility aid users need a RADAR key to access the park. This is because our entrances are fitted with so-called ‘A-Frame’ gates to try to prevent unauthorised access by motorbikes.

There are RADAR access gates at the Green Porch Close and Gas Road entrances.